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Things you should know

Next Level Ortho Lab is now a connected lab with the EasyRx software! This means if your office is currently utilizing EasyRx technologies, then sending scans and patient information has never been easier, just look for Next Level Ortho Lab under the connected labs list!

Frequently Asked Questions

Laser Welded Hawley wire to Bicuspid clasp

What 3D printers do we use?

 The 3D printers we use here at Next Level Orthodontic Lab is the Objet30 Orthodesk made by Stratasys alongside two EnvisionTec VIDA DLP printers. These printers are some of the leading printers in the dental and orthodontic industry and are capable of cranking out some of the most detailed and accurate models possible.  

What makes our printer so good?

Unlike cheaper 3D print options, the Objet30 Orthodesk produces models that stay with your appliance from start to finish. Cheaper printers require duplication of the 3D model with a plaster impression in order to fabricate an appliance. Seems ridiculous, right?! We agree.

How do we send you a digital file?

Great question! Our Lab is registered through Itero, so you should be able to find us under "Next Level Ortho Lab" in your drop down selection menu. If you don't have an Itero scanner, you can send us a file through our website, send it through email, or any other file sharing program!

What is laser welding and why is it better?

Where do we start? Laser welding is 250 times stronger than an average solder joint. That's not a typo, we really mean 250 times stronger! As if that's not enough, laser welding eliminates the ugly and tarnished look of solder so your patients will be much happier with the look of their new appliance. Finally, since the welds are stronger and more reliable than solder joints, you can expect decreased chair time spent dealing with broken appliances!

Have any more questions?

Feel free to wander over to the "Contact Us" page and send us an email or give us a call!