Digital Services

Digital Model Fabrication

Digital Orthodontic 3D Model

Send us your .stl file and we will digitally trim and base it into a workable digital model!

Digital Bracket Removal

Screen grab showing the process in which it takes to digitally remove brackets

Carving brackets manually is a thing of the past! Send a scan with brackets and receive it back with brackets digitally removed!

Printing the model

3d printed model

Our skilled digital department will receive your file, process it for printing, and label the model with a patient name before sending it to the printer!

Model Labeling

3d printed model going through pre-printing process

At Next Level Ortho Lab, each and every printed model comes labeled with the patients name. 

Digital Services Overview

Send a digital file through Hightail!

Hightail is a commonly used file sharing website when it comes to sending digital files. Try it out!

Send a scan!